Where We Operate

In todays world market, Elk is operating across international boundaries to achieve our strategic business objectives.

North America

There are many EOR development and production opportunities - organic developments or project or production acquisitions - Elk is currently seeing in the US market. With success in delivering the Grieve Project restructure and securing the necessary financing many of these opportunities are finding Elk rather than Elk having to find them. As such the Company will continue to focus on building its position off the Grieve Project in CO EOR and will be focussing on building a solid production base in currently producing or active development EOR projects. In parallel the Company will also be focussed on establishing a position in CO2 reserves and resources as an essential element to succeeding as a CO 2 EOR oil producer.


Elk with its unique position as an ASX-listed and Australian headquartered company can bring its accumulated knowledge and experience to Australasia - a virtually untapped growth market for enhanced oil recovery. Vast accumulations have been discovered in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia and in many instances oil production from these discoveries are maturing quickly. Having established our knowledge, experience and credentials as a focussed enhanced oil recovery development and production company, Elk has a unique opportunity to be an early mover in bringing these proven field redevelopment and production technologies and processes into these untapped markets.

Vast CO2 reserves, extensive CO2 infrastructure, multiple CO2 EOR operating projects and numerous new projects for development.

Elk Pretoleum North America Project and Production map

Global EOR market map

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